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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bring it on, Spring!

Hello everyone! We are at LEAST 20 degrees below our normal lows/highs for this time of year! It sure is making the walking TOUGH. Today I had to layer up - 4 layers of clothes, a beanie hat AND a scarf with my workout jacket.

But hey, I managed to walk the 4 miles without freezing. THAT is a good thing, especially considering we had Taco Tuesday here tonight. Hubby doesn't know the beef was 93% lean, the sour cream and cheese were both "light". Let's keep that our little secret!

And BTW, don't you ♥ my little sticky note? Found these on my friend Bethany's blog! Go HERE to make yours! Enjoy and stay warm!

XOXO, Lori

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