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Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Sign From Above?

Happy Sunday Everyone! Hope you've all had a great weekend and have been able to stay WARM. Come on Spring, we're ready!

Tonight's post is going to be very short as I have a serious migraine that's been hanging around for almost 24 hours now. :-(

My question is this - if you're making a bowl of ice cream for yourself in the kitchen, and you drop said bowl on the floor and spill the ice cream everywhere - is that just BAD luck, or is the big man upstairs trying to tell you to BACK AWAY from the refrigerator?????

Yep, it happened to me tonight. Just thought I'd share and give everyone a good laugh.

Tomorrow is Monday, and I have a few goals.

#1 - No migraine.
#2 - Some exercise.
#3 - No ice cream!

Till tomorrow, my friends!

XOXO, Lori


  1. You can do it! I hope your migraine is better.

  2. I get migraines too, Lori. I always used to apply heat to help with the pain, but now I apply cold and I think it really helps. Bags of frozen peas are the best. I hope this helps you!!!! Wendy

  3. Hmmm...when I bookmarked this blog, it stayed put at the Jan 1 posting. I'd check everyday or two and think you hadn't posted since 1/1. Weird.

    How are the workouts going?

  4. you are too cute!! i always count it as a sign from God (although your poor migraine is probably the real culprit)...i bought a hershey's cookies and cream bar in the vending machine and it got stuck, so i said, 'sign from God' and went and took a nap - when I woke up, there was a cookies and cream bar on my bed from a girl i work with, with a note saying, "i know you love these, and i got 2 when i bought one - enjoy" just what was God doing there? mind games much??

  5. I went to the drive through the other day and they didn't have what I asked for. I took that as a big old screaming sign from God to get my booty away from there! So I said never mind and got the heck out of dodge. Ha!

  6. Hi there, so is this why you're selling all of you adorable Lilly tems on re-Lilly...because you're shrinking? Love the blog and, as always, can relate to everything you say. You never said what you did with the ice cream : ) 5 second rule??

  7. Probably a sign from God, albeit not a very fun one. :P


  8. Love the goals! I might need to do a post like this. Might give me a little motivation and inspiration ;-)