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Monday, March 15, 2010

I have NOT been a good girl.........

Hello everyone! I hope you've had a wonderful few weeks, sorry I've been so awful about posting to this blog.....My problems started when I got a migraine that lasted a full week. Seven days of he** on earth, no doubt about it.

During that seven days, I managed to get off my exercise plan in a major way. Now I've been finding it difficult to get (and stay!) on track again. Why is that always the case? My MO is that I only need one major setback and I'm in big trouble! Honestly, am I really this lazy!? Or it is that I just really do not "love" exercising?

You know those people that love to exercise.....I have several friends who do. I wish I was one of them. I know I NEED to exercise, but I don't exactly "enjoy" it. I enjoy how it makes me feel - strong, confident and self-empowered; but I do not enjoy the act itself.

Tomorrow I'm going to get up and at least walk my 4 miles. I haven't done this in well over a week now. I feel extremely lazy.'s just about time to get in a swimsuit and hit the beach. I literally *shudder* when I think about it, so must get moving again!

Plus, my 40th birthday is looming on the calendar, and I'm really far behind in reaching my goals. Wish me luck, I'm afraid I will need it! :-)

Make it a great Tuesday - my reward after exercising will be a hair appointment. I feel better just thinking about having my highlights done.

XOXO, Lori

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Sign From Above?

Happy Sunday Everyone! Hope you've all had a great weekend and have been able to stay WARM. Come on Spring, we're ready!

Tonight's post is going to be very short as I have a serious migraine that's been hanging around for almost 24 hours now. :-(

My question is this - if you're making a bowl of ice cream for yourself in the kitchen, and you drop said bowl on the floor and spill the ice cream everywhere - is that just BAD luck, or is the big man upstairs trying to tell you to BACK AWAY from the refrigerator?????

Yep, it happened to me tonight. Just thought I'd share and give everyone a good laugh.

Tomorrow is Monday, and I have a few goals.

#1 - No migraine.
#2 - Some exercise.
#3 - No ice cream!

Till tomorrow, my friends!

XOXO, Lori

Friday, January 8, 2010

What's on your Playlist??

Hello everyone! I bet you we can all agree on this topic - MUSIC is KEY to helping us push through the exercise routines, right? Imagine taking an aerobics class to the Easy Listening, or practicing yoga to Alternative Rock? It just wouldn't work, don't you agree?

When I started my new fitness routine, I knew one thing I had to do was "mix it up". I get bored very easy, and let's face it, I was pretty lazy too. Hey - at least I can admit it! I also knew I couldn't say "I HAVE to make it to the YMCA every day". It just isn't practical - first off, I live at the beach which is GREAT but it's 15 miles from the YMCA. Second, I have a beach right across the street and walking/running is free. I generally have always preferred to take a group exercise class - more for motivation purposes than anything else. Face it, those classes just make it difficult to give up and walk out. I'm too concerned what others think, and I don't want Granny outdoing me anyway......LOL

So I decided I would get an iPod and load it up with music, and start walking/running on the days I didn't make the group exercise classes. I knew the type of music was critical to my workout success, after all, I love "Beth" by KISS but it's not for moving fast! :-) Music is SUCH a personal thing to all of us. What one person loves, another hates. In the spirit of this discussion, I would like to share my "current" exercise playlist with everyone. My sweet hubby thinks this list is AWFUL, he begged me not to post it for fear I would totally embarrass myself (or him, God forbid).

Without further ado, and in no particular order:

1 - Everybody Wants You - Billy Squier
2 - Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
3 - Never Enough - Eminem, 50 Cent & Nate Dogg
4 - Hot Stuff - Donna Summer
5 - Paradise City - Guns N' Roses
6 - Jenny From The Block - Jennifer Lopez
7 - Welcome To The Jungle - Guns N' Roses
8 - U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer
9 - Hot In Herre - Nelly
10 - Fight For Your Right - Beastie Boys
11 - Survivor - Destiny's Child
12 - Time To Get Ill - Beastie Boys
13 - I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
14 - Independent Women - Destiny's Child
15 - All Summer Long - Kid Rock
16 - Hey Baby - No Doubt
17 - Cocky - Kid Rock
18 - Let's Go Crazy - Prince
19 - Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield
20 - Gettin' Jiggy Wit It - Will Smith
21 - YMCA - The Village People
22 - Give It Away - Red Hot Chili Peppers
23 - Girls, Girls, Girls - Motley Crue

Now, before you say anything, I realize there are at least 2 common themes here. #1 is ATTITUDE. These songs scream attitude, and to me that means we're on a mission. #2 is AGE. Yep, they're old. I'm old, 39 and counting (and trying to HOLD!). But honestly, can you go slow while listening to Beyonce sing about being independent??? I doubt it!

Let me know what you think - I can't wait to hear it - I'm expecting some funny comments. Also feel free to tell me what's on your playlist - what music motivates you??? It is time for me to mix up my playlist!! :-)

XOXO, Lori

p.s. I used to be in the music "biz" so this really interests me! But that's another post for another time!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Finally Used Them!

Well don't everyone faint and/or fall out, but I finally went back to my Kickboxing class tonight! WHOA! Now I understand how out of shape I got in those few short weeks I was being a major slacker!

The workout was wonderful, and I finally got around to using those new pink boxing gloves. I have a theory - it's easier to sweat when you are stylish! At least that's what I'm telling myself, ha.

Isn't it funny that it takes sooooo long to get into shape, and it goes away so quickly???? If you take a long break, it's almost like starting all over again. That part really, really stinks!! But I must admit, I do feel better after going. I'm sure I'll be complaining tomorrow because I'm SORE but I'll get over it! This is what needs to happen.

How did you do today? Did you manage to work out? How do you stay motivated? I think tomorrow I'll try on some of the SUPER cute Lilly Pulitzer I already own, that's too tight for me, as motivation to keep going. Maybe that will work!

XOXO, Lori

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bring it on, Spring!

Hello everyone! We are at LEAST 20 degrees below our normal lows/highs for this time of year! It sure is making the walking TOUGH. Today I had to layer up - 4 layers of clothes, a beanie hat AND a scarf with my workout jacket.

But hey, I managed to walk the 4 miles without freezing. THAT is a good thing, especially considering we had Taco Tuesday here tonight. Hubby doesn't know the beef was 93% lean, the sour cream and cheese were both "light". Let's keep that our little secret!

And BTW, don't you ♥ my little sticky note? Found these on my friend Bethany's blog! Go HERE to make yours! Enjoy and stay warm!

XOXO, Lori

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back On The Wagon.....

Hello everyone! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend with family and friends, and haven't been too cold. It's even cold down here in lovely Coastal Alabama!

A bit of good news to report - I am now back on the wagon! Yesterday I absolutely had to FORCE myself to go exercise.....but.....I DID IT! It was cold, the wind was blowing hard, man I didn't not want to go for a 4-mile walk/run. I waited until about 2pm, when it warmed up to approx. 48 degrees and bundled up and away I went! I must admit, it actually did feel great to do something again! My "rest" period has been way too long, and boy can I feel it! Of those 4 miles, I ran less than 1 mile. Towards the end, I ran more just to be DONE and get inside where it was warm, haha.

Now the real question is this - did I exercise enough to burn off the calories from last night's dinner and wine??? Probably not! We went out to celebrate my younger sister's birthday. Grouper baked and covered in sauce, steamed veggies, gouda cheese grits and too much chardonnay! Needless to say, I was a little exhausted today and didn't do any exercise (unless you count laundry and taking a shower, LOL).

How are you managing your New Years resolutions? Doing ok so far? Don't let it get you down, just keep plugging away. That's what I plan to do!

'Till tomorrow.....enjoy the above pic of me and the hubby last night!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2010 is filled with much joy in your lives, peace and prosperity!

In my life, I plan 2010 to be filled with more weight loss! My only "real" New Years resolutions are:

1 - Lose more weight
2 - Eat more healthy

That's it! That's all I think I can handle! We are cooking a big Southern New Years dinner tomorrow, and when that food is out of here, it's back on the plan. The local YMCA is missing me.....and I miss my 4-mile walks here at the beach! I know I've gained a few pounds back that I'd lost, best I can tell about 5-6. I'm not brave enough to get on the scale. Nope, refuse to do it!

Have a great New Year - enjoy your food, your football, your time with family and friends! Can't wait to see what 2010 brings.....can I make the August 12 deadline??? Let's all keep encouraging one another, that's why I created this blog! :-)

XOXO, Lori