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Monday, March 15, 2010

I have NOT been a good girl.........

Hello everyone! I hope you've had a wonderful few weeks, sorry I've been so awful about posting to this blog.....My problems started when I got a migraine that lasted a full week. Seven days of he** on earth, no doubt about it.

During that seven days, I managed to get off my exercise plan in a major way. Now I've been finding it difficult to get (and stay!) on track again. Why is that always the case? My MO is that I only need one major setback and I'm in big trouble! Honestly, am I really this lazy!? Or it is that I just really do not "love" exercising?

You know those people that love to exercise.....I have several friends who do. I wish I was one of them. I know I NEED to exercise, but I don't exactly "enjoy" it. I enjoy how it makes me feel - strong, confident and self-empowered; but I do not enjoy the act itself.

Tomorrow I'm going to get up and at least walk my 4 miles. I haven't done this in well over a week now. I feel extremely lazy.'s just about time to get in a swimsuit and hit the beach. I literally *shudder* when I think about it, so must get moving again!

Plus, my 40th birthday is looming on the calendar, and I'm really far behind in reaching my goals. Wish me luck, I'm afraid I will need it! :-)

Make it a great Tuesday - my reward after exercising will be a hair appointment. I feel better just thinking about having my highlights done.

XOXO, Lori


  1. You can do it! I think you're fabulous!

  2. I also believe in you! I just went from a 22 to a 12 in 9 months. Not easy!! You go girl xoxo LA

  3. I love posts like these! Just try to stay on track and know that it's a way of life that you're changing... definately not easy ;-)

  4. I hear you...Oh, how I hear you. I turn 40 on June 15, that's like months away, right?? I had a few goals but, how am I going to lose 20 lbs, get my PhD, have a son and marry the perfect man when I'm already married by June?! I better get busy. Good luck w/ your goal Lori, you can do it.


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