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Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Fun Friday, A Relaxing Weekend

Hi Everyone! Hope you're all having a great weekend - and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Today we're at my parents house on Dauphin, it's COLD outside! The wind is blowing and it rained overnight, seems our muggy weather is gone for now! The water is sloshing up on the dock and it looks like snowy weather. Of course it is NOT - about 52 degrees out there. Just feels a lot colder because the humidity is kinda high and the wind is higher. Yikes!

Yesterday I had so much fun, started out the day crazy busy. My parents spent the night with us on Thursday, and my Mom and I drove over to Mobile Friday morning. I helped out my Dad with a project - fun fun fun. Then about 4pm, Mom and I left and went over to D'Iberville/Biloxi, MS. And before you ask, NO we did not go to the casinos!! HAHA, we'd have been better off if we did though!

We went to the new ULTA store. OMG those that know me well, you know I'm a total product junkie. Love everything in that place!!!! We were in there about 2 hours, I stocked up on my Bare Escentuals makeup (free gift with over $45 purchase). Also bought some new SMASHBOX products, a brand that is quickly becoming another favorite of mine. A few hair products (naturally!), a new pink hair dryer and some foot cream. BEST PART - 20% OFF ENTIRE PURCHASE. Ulta mailed a coupon and it was good for items that are normally excluded from coupons. A Great deal and so much fun! Then we had dinner at Ruby Tuesdays (thank goodness I ate salad and grilled food, was too busy having fun yesterday to work out!).

Ended our evening at Dillards in Biloxi. This was a DREAM - my all time FAVORITE brand, Lilly Pulitzer was marked down 70% and then an EXTRA 50% OFF. Can you believe it?!?!!? I could have spent sooooooo much $$. Had to restrain myself and only buy what I "needed" HAHA. I bought a few dresses in smaller sizes to save for next spring. Picked up a few things for my sister, my Mom even got in on the action and bought 2 skirts. Drove to their house at Dauphin Island and got here about 10pm. Good thing, my DH and Dad were getting a little worried about us. It was late, foggy, etc but nothing stops a girl from buying Lilly for 70% off plus an additional 50%. :-)

Hope everyone has a SAFE and HAPPY HALLOWEEN tonight. We are hanging in, not big into Halloween partying and since we don't have children to dress and run around we can relax. It's too cold anyway! (Yes, I'm a wimp!)

P.S. Planning to hit the pavement for my 4 miles when I think I won't freeze to death!


  1. Amazing prices at Dillard's!!! Wow.
    I can't believe...oh, yes I can...that you spent two hours at Ulta! I love smashbox too.
    Sounds like a great Saturday!
    XO, nipsy

  2. WOW Lori, you really scored! Both at Ulta & Dillards plus getting to spend time with your family. What a perfect weekend!! I like how your planning ahead for next spring & buying smaller sizes. You go girl!! Thinking positive. I like that!!