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Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Month, New Time, New Resolve and a November Boatride

Can anyone else believe it's already NOVEMBER????? I surely can't, where do the months go? What happened to our "fall"? People are about to start talking about Thanksgiving and I'm NOT ready for the holidays......

Started the day making a nice breakfast for the hubby and my parents down here at the island. Made a breakfast casserole that my BFF Amy introduced to me. It has crescent rolls, sausage, cream cheese and cheddar cheese. What's there NOT to ♥, huh? (Well I guess if you're vegan it may not be appealing!). One day I will share the recipe here, it always seems to be a hit. I like to make it when my Mom is around because she doesn't like eggs, and it's one of the few breakfast casseroles you can make that do NOT have eggs in the ingredient list! NICE!

After filling up the big boys, we took a BOAT RIDE. YES! You heard me right!!! A BOAT RIDE on NOVEMBER 1. I thank my lucky stars every single day that I live in a climate like ours. Now it was a tad cool, but fully dressed not that bad. We were only gone about an hour.

DH talked Mom into "exercising" with me today. Let me say this, Mom had knee surgery about 4-5 years ago and already needs it again. Her knee is whacked. She couldn't make those 4 miles, started really hurting. We made it maybe 1.5 miles and came back. I felt bad for her, she really enjoys walking and clearly can't do it often and for very long now. I keep telling her to go back to the ortho. dr. She is putting it off, because really who WANTS to have surgery????? No one that I know!

I know one thing - I did NOT do very well this weekend with my exercising and eating! I started out decent enough on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday not sooo much!

Need to get motivated again. It's a new month. A new time. Ten and a half months until my 40th birthday. I better get crackin - and soon!

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