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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Beach House, by ANY Name!

This afternoon I finally made it outdoors for my 4 MILES. Note - about 80% of this today was walking and the other 20% was running. It took about an hour, I'm really bad about timing, but hey it was 14 songs on my iPod!

The advantage to walking where I live is seeing the outdoors, specifically the beach and the water. I don't walk DIRECTLY on the beach, but on the bike path on the road that runs along the beach. Of course it's flat land so I can see everything, and I have to cross a small bridge. Every day I do this, I'm so thankful that I live in a place where I can walk and observe such gorgeous scenery.

Having a beach house is a life-long dream of mine, don't get excited it will NEVER happen! Unless I'm related to a celebrity and they leave me their fortune, that is! Sadly, nope, not going to happen. So I love to look at beach houses that don't belong to me while exercising. Today I was really noticing the names on the homes (some are NOT named, don't understand that, I'd have to name mine!). I'm going to list some of my favorites below, can't wait to hear what you guys think of them!

"Chivas By The Sea" (don't you know, there could be some parties at that house!)
"Seacure" (probably owned by a dr.?)
"West Palm Peach" (yep, the house was peach colored and who doesn't ♥♥ West Palm Beach, plus our area is considered "west beach")
"Shaken' Not Stirred" (lots of martinis served? Yum!)
"Pass Time" (passing time at the beach, or past time to have a beach house??)

WHAT WOULD YOU NAME YOUR BEACH HOUSE???? I'll have to think about it - just in case that celebrity relative comes through for me! Would love to hear any names you think are cool!


  1. Mine would be called "Summer Wind", you know I love Sinatra!
    XO, Nipsy

  2. We've stayed at Chivas by the Sea many times!