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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fatty Tumor AND Shopping, all in the same week!

OH well, sometimes good intentions go by the wayside. I think I told you guys I wasn't feeling too well, right? It turned into full blown something or the other. The good news is I went to the dr. today, and I don't have mono or mumps which was what Mother had me convinced I had. THANK GOODNESS. The "possible" bad news is that it could all be related to this "fatty tumor" I have on the back of my neck. OK now.......don't judge. I realize I'm using the word "FAT" which I really, really hate but that's what the doctor is calling the thing. It's been there for 10+ yrs, but has become larger over the past few. The dr. is concerned this is causing the headaches and some of my other problems. I have been referred to a neurologist for further evaluation and testing. I go visit this dr. next week on Tuesday. UGH. TOTALLY DREADING IT. "IF" - big IF - this fatty tumor is pinching a nerve and causing these problems, it will have to be surgically removed. My first thought was "that's not so bad, it's just a small tumor" but then again, how can you move your body without moving your neck? It's almost impossible! Good grief let's hope and pray I don't have to do this. Dr. already told me, no gym or working out until we get this resolved. I had a VERY difficult time convincing him that I did not injure my neck, etc working out. Surely all that pain I felt at kickboxing wouldn't have done this??? SURELY????

I might go crazy before I can use those pink gloves. I feel so bloated and absolutely MISERABLE. Trying not to eat everything in sight out of sheer boredom if nothing else. I already shopped myself into a frenzy between Kate Spade's sample sale and Lilly Pulitzer's Jubilee sale this week. OOPS. That probably warrants another post to tell you all about it, but it's late and I'm tired. And I think the L-Tab is starting to well my friends!

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  1. My goodness girl! Do they want to do a biopsy on it? Well I hope you feel better soon, if D is at work and you need something, don't hesitate to call, you know my butt is right down the road, I'm sorry you can't work out, but just remember those good eating habits!! You can do it!! Hey, you know what!!!??? I get out of working out with you, that's my excuse now and I am sticking to it!! LOL xoxoxoxxo remember to call if you need anything at all sister!!! Mary