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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good News -- And BAD News!

There is some good news to report! My Alabama boys won their game yesterday. It was sooo much fun being there - very exciting! Now are all set to meet the Florida Gators for the SEC Championship in December. Yeah! Onward and upward! :-)

The bad news.........ugh........we are preparing for a hurricane to hit our area. YES, you read that right. It's November, most people are thinking of their Thanksgiving day menus and a little holiday shopping. Sometimes life on the coast is just a little bit different than normal. This is one of those times! We are expecting to see some of the effects on Monday, with the worst of it late Monday night and early Tuesday morning. These things can change, and while I hate to see anyone get it, I wish this would change direction and go somewhere else. We'd been extremely lucky for the 2009 hurricane season with no storms. Our area really, really needed a "Break" from hurricanes. The 2004-2008 seasons were pretty brutal around here. The beaches are finally starting to recover - hopefully this won't be too bad and create much damage other than a little heavy rain and wind.

When I get a chance, I have a fun picture from Saturday's game to post. Hopefully by Tuesday night I can focus on fun stuff again rather than storms! Till then, everyone take care and if you're on the coast, take the proper precautions!

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