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Friday, November 13, 2009

Kate Spade Sample Sale!

kate spade

Let me tell you guys - being sick, having a powerful pink laptop with a wireless connection, and a working debit card in your possession can be a huge pile of trouble! The fun kind........that is! :-)

This week KATE SPADE had their sample sale. It only happens a few times each year. Love me some KS. Over the past few years I have moved away from the Juicy Couture and Coach and now favor the Kate Spade. Perhaps it's my age, I AM getting older after all! I find their styles a little more classic, overall less trendy and absolutely LOVE the colors. Their pinks and greens go with ALL my Lilly Pulitzer....which everyone knows if I leave the house, I have on some Lilly!

OK to the fun stuff. I got this fabulous WESTBURY drawstring opus bag in the Berry color, and the matching WESTBURY Maria wallet/checkbook in the Berry. I can't wait to rock these all fall and winter. Happy Early Holidays to me!

What designers are calling your name these days? Talk to me!


  1. Girl with three teenagers, it is really hard to shop for yourself and get what you WANT! Let me tell ya!! Sale sale sale! That is my middle name......haha! However, I do really like the Lily summer collection, that is 2009. It really caught my eye and I can't wait to see the 2010! I will surely at least buy 2 dresses. I love to wear dresses! For the past few years I have worn a lot of Sean Combs dressed from Macy's. I love them! I will keep looking for more! I have used Kate Spade purses and wallets for years. I have a classic black purse that I use a lot in the winter to go with my favorite black Nine West boots (two seasons now!) Love them!! Allie and I have both, since last season, have been into Kristen Davis purses! (Totally Sex and the City inspired!!) Love them! :) We watch for sales at our Eastern Shore Center Belk all the time so we can go grab a purse on any given day!! Allie's collection of purses has grown to almost 100. Some are really amazing and unique......meanwhile Miss Glow...I favor summer clothes over winter anytime and can't wait to get some of this weight off to try on some really cute stuff in the spring. Will def. start with some Lily, but surely Target will also have something that I can't possibly live without!!!!!!

  2. If Denys questions this spending spree, surely you can blame it on the meds!!
    XO, Nipsy