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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kickboxing is KILLER

Whoa, this afternoon I went to the 5:30 kickboxing class! Seriously, I think it's the BEST workout I get. At my local YMCA have tried aerobics, yoga, trekking (treadmill class), and Zumba. Of course you all know I like to walk/run 4 miles here at the beach too. They're all a great workout, in their own way of course, but this kickboxing ROCKS. The music is current - think Hip Hop and Britney Spears combined. The best part is I get to beat that bag for about 10 minutes!!! YEAH! Gets rid of the toxins and any pent up anger, LOL.

Now I'm on the hunt for my own personal boxing gloves. I'm thinking I need PINK. I checked Target on the way home, none there. Any suggestions???? I almost barfed thinking about using those gloves at the Y (which I had to do tonight since I don't have any of my own). Concerns about H1N1 germs have me a tad freaked out these days!

If you've ever thought about trying Kickboxing, go for it! If you take and love it already, I'd love to hear about your experiences. If you have another favorite type of exercise, fill me in. I'm always looking for a way to mix things up!!! :-)


  1. I am testing to see if this is received!

  2. Ok, I see the only way to do it is to put anonymous, but this is Mary!!!! It is a terrible feeling everytime you call me and ask me to go and I say no. So having that said, I will make a better effort to attend class with you. First of all, I need to go!! Second, I need to make a decision about this and follow through! I'm really enjoying reading your blogs and I am amazed at your intelligence and your writing skills! I am also amazed at how much we think alike and it's like reading my own funny thoughts! It makes me want to start blogging, however my thoughts are so random, it could drive any sane person nuts!! Your shopping trip with your Mom sounded like fun, I wish my mother and I were that close. Well, I used to wish, now I am learning to let go of the things I cannot have with her and doing it with my own girls instead. Gulf Shores is a good drive for me to walk with you, but I would love to come do it at least once a month just to have the scenery and good company. There is a walking trail 6 miles from my house that I have to drive to. The trail is 3 miles long. That is a great place to go since I live out in the woods and can't walk out here. If I see a snake you will get a call that I have had a heart attack! It's a shame to live so far out and be that afraid of snakes, just after writing about it, I will surely have a snake nightmare tonight. It never fails. I am not kidding. I am looking in the paper everyday for a good used treadmill. I am really excited about getting one. You are a great motivator Lori! I have some serious weight to lose. I am with you and I also wish you all the luck in the world. I know that this is so important to you!! I am also a 16 now and would love to be a 6 by the time I am 40 next October. That is a great goal. I am looking for a fat picture of me to put on the fridge! I used to have a friend years ago that had a pig in her fridge and every time she opened it, it would oink at her. I would love to have one, if you see one please let me know! I would think you could find pink gloves online somewhere! My first thought was you could put on latex gloves or the plastic gloves that come in hair color boxes and then put the gloves on, for now. I read about the exercise ball, I had one but the kids thought it made a great toy. So did the dog, she has big teeth. Enough said. Walmart here I come! I am excited to see you Sunday. I am making homemade peach jelly with splenda! Ha! Sugar Free! Yum!!! See you soon Miss Glow and count me in on the next kickboxing class. I won't be able to breathe, but don't hold it against me, and if I pass out you have to come to the hospital with me and hold my hand! Mary

  3. Mary, you crack me up! You can TOTALLY do this - I was out of control and now I'm feeling soooo much better about myself and just LIFE - I can't even tell you. It's something you have to do for yourself, not anyone else. Look at it as "paying" yourself back girl. You only have one body and your job is to protect it. Against disease, and against time. Both are enemies and this is war! LOL, even though it's really true! I'll plan to see you on wed. night at 5:30 for kickboxing and I promise, you will NOT die. If you have a hard time breathing, the hospital is close and I'll even drive! XOXO